WIL Uganda: Suffering! Misery! Blame!

Being a woman is all about suffering!!
Sincerely, it is really difficult to be a woman.
Women are always discriminated against in this society.
How miserable it is to be a woman.

Being a woman is full of misery!!
Surely, it is difficult being a woman.
Always taken as people of the lower level,
How women do suffer.

Being a woman is full of blame!!
Always tortured by the husband whenever he comes home angry,
Always denied their rights and freedom of speech.
Oh! Don’t blame me for being a woman.

By Nasabu Nakaziba, Teen Voices participant, Senior Two South, Townside High School, Busembatia.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, participants of the Teen Voices program with WIL Uganda wrote articles surrounding the topic of Being a Woman.

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