Changing My Life to Serve Other Women’s Hearts

My whole life was filled with love, family, and friends, but still I wasn’t happy. I was always searching for fulfillment in my career, personal happiness, and a place where I could be who I am. I moved a lot (10 times in five years) and have lived in many different cities and countries in Germany, USA, and now in Switzerland, but my happiness was still missing. I knew that I expected more from life, but I didn’t know where to find it or how to start. I didn’t even know what exactly I was looking for.

I’m a journalist and blogger. Of course, I have a passion for writing, and I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I was able to pay my bills by writing for Swiss newspapers. And I did, at least for two years.

At some point, a few months ago, I recognized that something was getting very weird inside of me. I became more unhappy in my job with every single day that passed. My job annoyed me, my co-workers annoyed me, and at some point I didn’t want to go to work anymore. I turned into kind of a grinch, always in bad mood, always tired, and my passion for writing turned into a nightmare every morning I went to the office. I felt trapped in my office, misunderstood by my boss and co-workers, and I was depressed. I was sick and tired of living someone else’s dream instead of mine.

So I chose to be happy again, but I didn’t know how to get this started. I began blogging a few years ago, but I never had serious plans to turn it into entrepreneurship, until January 2015 when I created Mrs. Globalicious magazine. I wanted to show women like me having the same problems how important it is to believe in themselves, to take their own needs seriously, and to live their dreams.

But how should I coach people with having the same struggles? I hired a life coach to help me creating a new life I love and to learn how to teach women to do the same. With her help, I created Mrs. Globalicious, a fictional woman who most any reader can identify with. She turned into a role model for me and for my readers because she is living the life we always had dreamed of. She put everything on one card, fought through ups and downs and criticism, and is now living her dream—professionally, privately, and emotionally.

Inspiring and motivating other women to think and dream big and to have the courage to change is the gift I want to give, knowing I have been in their same shoes. I want to be an imaginary friend who stands behind these women and shows them where to look if they get stuck for some reason.

Meanwhile, I have not reached all, but some of my goals. My magazine became a huge heart project and turned into a life lesson of mine. Finally I got the courage to quit my full-time job three months ago to focus on my dream and my goals and give them a real chance.

Finding out how to solve my fear of failure and to get clarity of the value of myself is the most important thing I have done in my life. I’ve learned to lose the fear of the unknown, even if it makes me scared at first.

And, hell yeah! I do not, for a day, regret quitting my job or on focusing on myself.

About the Author | Doris Gross

Doris Gross is a 29-year-old journalist. She is a positive thinker, professional daydreamer, and she collects unforgettable life moments. She loves to be surrounded by water, to travel the world, to talk with her friends about the sense of life, and to take action when it comes to fulfilling her dreams. Doris is living with her boyfriend and her dog named Ronja in East-Switzerland, near the Lake of Constance.

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