Ending Early Marriage in Uganda

Early Marriage
Oh! Early marriages! Oh! Early marriages!
Who brought you to Uganda?
Leading to school dropout
Leading to early pregnancy
Leading to young motherhood
Leading to the deaths of our fellow girls when delivering.
How bad you are!

Oh! Early marriages! Oh! Early marriages!
Sometimes brought about by parents
Who force young girls to marry old men.
Sometimes brought about by old men,
Who force young girls to marry them.
How bad you are!

We can fight you
Through promoting girl child education
Through the help of the government
By setting up strict laws against early marriages.

Early marriages, we can fight you.


Joanitah Nankinga WIL Uganda Teen VoicesJoanitah Nankinga is a student of Townside High School, in Busembatia, Uganda, and is 13 years old. Joan wants to be a lawyer when she finishes university, and will achieve this by studying hard. She is a passionate advocate for gender equality and feels strongly about ending early marriages in Uganda.






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About the Author | WIL Uganda

WIL Uganda is a grassroots, community based, female empowerment organisation, based in a rural Ugandan town called Busembatia. Their mission is to empower women and girls with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their own communities. Their vision is for the women and girls of the community to be in positions of leadership, and to act as role models for future generations of girls, whilst encouraging equitable development in Uganda. In the Teen Voices Programme, they discuss challenges of gender issues that girls face in Uganda and then guide the girls on how to produce news stories about these challenges. These stories are then published online reaching an international audience. They also show the girls how to use social media to share news and advocate for change. Through teaching the girls gender equality, and helping them write articles to raise awareness, the girls gain the knowledge and the confidence of how they can improve gender equality through their own leadership.

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