Finding a Happy Ever After

I wanted to share my story with women who think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I was devotedly married to the man I thought was my soul mate for 20 yrs, when my husband, at the age of 50, began to turn into someone I no longer knew. It was 5 years of counseling, fighting night after night, days and days of crying, feeling like a failure, verbal abuse of not being good enough, or not being attractive, being told I was the reason I no longer existed to my husband.

Every one of my dearest friends would say you will know when it is truly over, and when it’s time to stop trying to fix something that no longer is there. The signs and that day finally did come, and it hit me right in the heart.

My day of never looking back was when my husband told our counselor that he no longer loved me. My counselor looked me in the eye and said, “Why do you want someone that is sitting here saying he does not love you?”

That same day I went to my priest and shared my hurt and his response is something I will never forget. My priest said, “You cannot force someone to love you. A relationship should be two people wanting to love and find love no matter how hard.”

This day was the day I said I was done, and was ready to be a Single mom.

Once I said this out loud and took all the steps to rid my life of the hell I was in, I realized I was finding myself and a happiness and energy I had not felt in a long time.

My best friend also said tell the universe what you want say it out loud write it down. I DID…

The Universe has heard me and I am surviving as a single mom. I’m raising my son, financially finding my success in mortgage lending, and meeting amazing, supportive, enriching, encouraging people every day.

I will end my story with the most amazing happily ever after. I wrote in my letter to the Universe, my wish list of 10 things I would like in my future husband. As of today I have found this amazing man. After recently finding the list I made, I was amazed that this man meets all 10 of the items I had wished for.

So when times are the hardest, keep your faith and know that if you say it and you write it and you don’t give up, there is a happily ever after for you. You just have to make it happen…….


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2 comments to "Finding a Happy Ever After"

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for your honest, brave and vulnerable words of courage. Just what I needed to read.

  • Ann

    Thank you!! My story is very similar and it’s a blessing to know others share a similar journey. I’m very happy to hear things are working well for you after such a difficult struggle. Keep the stories coming!! -a