Harness Your Feminine Rhythm and Expand Time

I have never spoken to any woman who didn’t feel the time trap. But I came to realize that time is an external resource. I know we learn to blame so much on time but it’s rarely the real issue.

We fulfill so many roles and have a lot on our plates daily. That’s not going to change, as we live in a busy society with so many opportunities around us. Yet I cannot tell you the countless times I felt the frustration of not having enough time. But it was not time that was missing. It was me, ignoring my flow. It was me, not surrendering to the natural cycles I live by. The lights, the darks, the seasons…and my own feminine rhythm! An external mirror, the moon, helped me to get in tune with my true cyclical nature. The perfect external mirror of a woman’s internal journey each month.

It brings consistency into my life, and results. If i get stuck, or frustrated that things are not happening fast enough, or feel the time trap, I check in with where the moon is and what energy she is projecting. I instantly get back into flow. I instantly gain back focus and know my next step.

I let go of frustration and worries about lack of time or feeling under pressure. I regain clarity of direction and just focus on the next step.

The moon is in constant motion, and shifting focus and energy, just like our own rhythm, so we must shift with it.

Your hormones are changing week to week. This affects your mood, as well as your emotional and mental capacity in your daily life. For us women, there is an optimal time to be productive or creative. We need to know when to be busy and keep working, and when to rest and recharge. As you go through your cycle every month, your body is guiding you when to be productive, when to rest, when to reflect and contemplate, when to cleanse and heal. Especially as a woman in business.

When you align with your feminine rhythm, you amplify your flow of creation and life becomes more effortless.

The hard part is to really listen and follow this guidance and cycle. Because life is busy, I can get days when I have to fight my own nature. I used to be such a doer and wouldn’t stop for anything. It was not easy to change.

It was a process, especially over the past 18 months, as I implemented this as a self-care practice without a specific intention. I just simply loved connecting and doing my full moon ritual. Then, my new moon ritual. Now, I plan from my feminine rhythm.

We women don’t very often say these things out loud. We don’t talk about our cycles and changes. We take the ingrained judgment that we are emotional and hormonal and better be avoided when we are like that.

Well, ladies…time to flip that script!

I stopped trying to have time; instead, I started to make time. I learned to use my time in a way that honors me as a woman who is a highly emotional and hormonal being. I choose to follow my rhythm, my most reliable advisor.

I don’t beat myself up anymore or call myself a drama queen if I feel like crying. I just remember who I am and let those tears run, embracing my sensitivity. As women, we are given it for a reason.

I don’t worry if one day I have it all together and feel I can conquer the world—and the next day, I feel overwhelmed or low in energy. My first step is to calculate where I am in my cycle and understand what’s going on internally. It usually answers all the upheaval and I regain my groundedness.

I’m not afraid to feel powerful and strong anymore. I used to resent these qualities in myself. I resented my independence and decisiveness. I wanted to be someone who needed to be saved and supported like fairy tales tell us.

The feminine is not weak or unclean in spite of centuries-old doctrines. This is one of the most loving lessons I received from the moon.

Grandmother Moon, the wise woman, the healer, the witch…you can call her whatever you like… the power, the love, and the energy of the She is present and true.

I haven’t just learned to accept my powerful self or easily recover my mental and emotional balance. I also celebrate and look forward to meeting those parts of me as I’m in flow with the lunar cycles.

Let me share with you how the moon changes focus week to week, reminding us to have the courage to stay in motion and keep changing our focus too, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable, so we can become fulfilled and successful the feminine way.

Full Moon is about bringing to light what you have manifested. It is time to pause and see how far you’ve come and capture what you’ve created, with gratitude. As part of my ritual, I do a flow check, an audit to realize what’s not working, and let it go and embrace what’s working and expand it.

Waning Moon is about cleansing/healing/reflecting. It’s my RRR time: Reflect, Rest, Recharge. It’s a reminder to stop and clear away any emotional and mental clutter or even declutter your physical home. I use this energy to deepen my clarity and make space for the new.

New Moon is about planting seeds and dreaming bigger. The moon’s gentle light allows you to look inward, to connect with your intuition and see what’s coming up for you. I use this time to check in with my dreams and goals and nurture them in my mind and heart. You can connect with your vision and decide on new directions and projects, and create an action plan.

Waxing Moon is about taking action. It is so important to act upon your intuition and implement your plans. My biggest learning here is redefining action for myself and understand that sitting still and contemplating is just as valid an action as anything else.

You and your rhythm are just like this, constantly changing from one energy to another. Imagine the best version of you who is not swept away in your inevitable hormonal and emotional flow, but ready to harness this from within.

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About the Author | Diana Adamko

Diana Adamko is an NLP and hypnosis trainer and coach working with women to help them to let go of their blocks and live free and empowered lives. She has a fascination with the Hero’s Journey and is passionate about enabling herself and others to be the writers of their own story.

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