Jump on a Plane with Your High Heels On

Get ready for an unexpected journey wearing no other shoes but high heels! Never ever take with you a single pair of comfortable flats. Success follows when we are not looking for comfort and not afraid to squeeze ourselves into uncomfortable situations.

You never know who might take a peek and look back at you wearing your heels. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Quietly waiting for favorable opportunities and “somedays” will never lead to success.

There is no chance you would run stooped and holding your head down, you take notice of the environment more and the doors opening in front of you. How many opportunities can skip through your eyes when you are caught in everyday rush in those comfy shoes!

It doesn’t matter what others think. Someone may start whispering and shaking their heads at an airport. That’s so unusual, so uncomfortable. Having someone thinking about you is good! Even if in condemnation. When you take a strong step forward, there is absolutely no point in turning back and listening to someone gossip.

There will always be a different kind of people who will heartily help you to pull the suitcase, or put it on the aircraft cabin shelf without you even whispering a word. When you attract attention, there will always be people to help you to reach the goal faster.

Climbing to the top with high heels on is not that easy; nor is dragging a travel bag along. If a path is bumpy, you may even falter or fall down. But you can never know who might hold your hand or even catch you in his arms. You only need one person to be able to take the opportunity to become successful.

If your steps sound loud, someone will definitely help you to open the door, or even join you for a walk down the road (even though it might be quite a way). Sweet surprises, an invitation for a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, or even a business proposal may be unavoidable!

After all, it is most important to communicate naturally with everyone regardless of who he or she is—a legend of the criminal world or a world-famous millionaire—to cast away prejudice and public opinion. Sincerity and humor are captivating. Play-acting provokes a conflict or even aggression.

The tapping of high heel shoes will also be heard by those who need your help. You will have the opportunity to help others. Tell your own life story and hear theirs. It is because storytelling fascinates and inspires change and taking new challenges.

Needless to say, keep smiling. Glance openly and feel self-confident. These are the necessary accessories, which are to be worn along the high heels on the road to success.

You become successful not because you are lucky. The mirror of success reflects how we communicate, how strong our relationships with other human beings and the universe are. At first you will be provoking successful situations yourself and then you will see the universe provoking you to make important changes in your life.

jolita lukinych

About the Author | Jolita Lukinych

Why are you so lucky? is the question Truthteller Jolita Lukinych is often asked often. Her answer: I am a provocatrice! She provokes successful situations and opportunities. Successful results inspired her to share her experiences and insights with others so that they come up with their own ideas on how to provoke success.

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