Michelle in Raleigh-Durham: 2013 Aha Moment Tour!

Michelle Pfeiffer, Founder of Anna’s Angels Foundation, shares her AHA moment with us. She speaks about how an experience with her daughter Anna changed her life forever. One of the most challenging times in Michelle’s life was finding out that one of her three beautiful children had Leukemia. Anna, who was born with Down syndrome is, I believe, Michelle’s touchstone in life. When Anna was born, it changed her soul forever. Her birth opened up many people’s hearts and began Michelle on a journey that I do not even think she could have imagined. From the experience with Anna’s cancer and her incredible recovery, Michelle and her husband Andy decided to start a foundation with Duke University to provide funds to promote laboratory and clinical research in Down syndrome. The foundation’s overall vision is to improve the cognitive and communicative ability of individuals with Down syndrome. What is your AHA?



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