That Moment When Past Lives Became a Reality for Me

As Mario and I walked along the wide dirt road from the parking lot into the ruins at Coba, I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge and grabbed his hand.

“Come here! There’s a lake down here,” I cried, running through the woods and pulling him behind me.

Adventurous Mario smiled as we ran through the trees. I was being invisibly pulled by some inner knowing in a foreign country through a forest I’d never visited.

Within minutes, we arrived at the edge of a beautiful lake! I turned and elatedly looked at Mario, and what I saw was him as a young Mayan boy. Then I realized I also felt like a young Mayan girl. I knew, like I know my name, that we had once played there together as young children who later fell in love. What a strange experience for a career woman from the United States with a master’s degree and Christian upbringing!

As I mentioned, I had never been to Coba, nor had I even seen a map or sketch of the place. Yet I knew the lake was there! Even if someone wanted to call this Mayan childhood flashback a result of my having experimented with drugs back in the day, what about my knowledge of the landscape?

Some modern-day mystics and teachers profess that our soul is a permanent part of ourselves, incarnating into bodies lifetime after lifetime so that we can learn and grow through human experiences. That had been a theory of interest which, while new to my conventional Christian upbringing, felt true. Furthermore, I have seen visions in shamanic ceremonies that were like memories of me in past lives. It also explains the familiarity of people and places I’d never encountered in this life.

Now, here was this vivid experience happening to me in my mundane, day-to-day life! This is why I no longer wonder or believe in past lives; I know I have been here before. I truly am an old soul blessed to be alive again for this magical time of expansion and awakening on our planet. How incredible to know beyond all doubt how eternal the soul really is!

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About the Author | Sheryl Sitts

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, is a holistic coach, practitioner, and community builder using personal experiences and training to help others discover our Divine power to create our own reality and heal ourselves. Sheryl provides personal and entrepreneurial coaching, hosts events, and produces a weekly show and quarterly digital magazine.

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