On Being Me

What if what you felt

was magnified a million times?

What if the light dancing on a tree’s leaves

created awe inside you?

What if every joy and pain

could overwhelm you?

What if every kindness bestowed upon you

melted you into liquid gold?

What if every cruelty

broke your heart and you felt it could not be repaired?

What if you saw divinity

in everyone you met?

What if because you saw this,

you couldn’t understand why people do horrible things to others and themselves?

What if you felt tender and vulnerable most of the time?

What if a simple sound of birds singing brought you peace?

What if looking at the sky made you fly out of your body and soar into space?

What if when you saw beauty, it broke you into a million pieces of joy and pain at the same time?

What if sparkling light on water made you believe in magic?

What if the soft fur and wet nose of your dog

made you love more than you ever thought you could?

What if…

Then you’d be me.

Navya La Shay 8/14/14 All Rights Reserved

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About the Author | Navya La Shay

Navya La Shay is an empath, poet, artist, truth seeker, and truth speaker. Navya has been in the entertainment business since she was 15 years old, on both sides of the camera. Now it's an inside job.

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