It’s Possible to be Mentally Free

When I say, “It’s possible to be mentally free,” I literally mean it’s possible! I recall so many challenging days in my life, when nothing but inward voices, hallucinations, depression, bulimia, and panic attacks overwhelmed me. These were times in my life when I felt life was not worth living! The mental prison I had found myself in had became so overwhelming that I couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

I remember being in so much mental torment that sleeping at night was something I only dreamed about doing. Eating was also another thing that was far-fetched for me. When I did eat, I found myself throwing it all back up because I was dealing with bulimia. I was in my early 20s trying to raise three children and found myself in a place I never imagined I would be. It seemed as if I was in a dream just waiting for someone to wake me up.

Nevertheless, this thing I wanted to be just a dream had became my daily reality. I have to tell you it was not easy being in this place! On top of it all, I was placed on medication that put me in a much worse state. Not being able to take care of my children was probably the one thing I regretted the most, being in that state of mind.

But there was something on the inside of me that told me being in that condition was not my destiny. But I knew that in order to be free, I had to fight for it! Either I could sit around feeling sorry for myself and believe that was my way of life, or I could choose to believe I could be set free!

Well, I chose to believe the latter! That it was possible for me to be mentally free and off of all medication. That regardless of what I was told by the doctors, I didn’t just have to cope nor learn how to manage, but I could have that which seemed to be impossible: freedom!

Well, I’m excited to say it’s been 20 years and I stand totally free of schizophrenia, depression, bulimia, and panic attacks! I’m not for one second saying it was easy. But I fought my way to what was said to be impossible. It was not a fight I waged alone. I had many people along the way who helped me through my process, and prayer was the most vital piece.mentally

Today I stand as a lover of God, wife, author of six books, teacher, speaker, and personal life coach. I didn’t allow my dreary past to stop me. I made a choice not to allow my past to define me. Freedom is truly possible, no matter where we find ourselves in life—which is something I’m passionate about teaching others.

Regardless of what any of us have been through, we still have purpose, and it awaits all of us who are willing to turn misery and pain into joy and opportunity. We are all truly ordained for greatness. Anything is possible for those who can believe!

About the Author | Sharmee Pratt

Sharmee Pratt believes that freedom is possible for anyone. After she experienced a season of mental illness herself, Sharmee remained passionate about helping others own who they are and see that their past does not have to define them.

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