Top 10 Truthteller Stories from 2015

Dear Soul Sisters,

As this year comes to an end we want to take a moment to honor the many women who submitted stories and had the courage to share their truth this year. There is such power in sharing our stories, and your involvement in the Women For One community is touching the lives of women around the world.

We received so many powerful stories from women speaking their truths, and as a tribute to these awesome submissions, we have gathered the top 10 most read stories to share with you.

1. Emotional Abuse: The Invisible Train Wreck by Mary Elizabeth Robinson
Do you frequently feel diminished and like you or your feelings don’t matter in your relationship? Does your partner make you feel like every argument or issue in the relationship is your fault? Does your partner call all of the financial shots and control all of the money you have to spend? If so, you’ll want to read this.

2. The Story of My Life by Samantha Peterson
Domestic violence can sneak up on you silently and insidiously. The warning signs can be subtle until everything explodes into chaos. Samantha Peterson, a survivor of spousal abuse, hopes to raise awareness of domestic violence and the destructive powers of pornography.

3. Not a Smile and Wave Kind of Mom by Victoria Markham
I can’t tell you how much this story touches me. Truthteller Victoria Markham writes about the death of her three-year-old son, Koa. Anyone who has ever felt the empty, echoing pain of losing a child can relate to her story, as can anyone who has ever loved another human being. My heart broke at the end of this.

4. A Violent Truth by S.M.
Domestic violence is never glamorous. Violence in general goes against our feminine core. Sometimes, however, women in particular (although we acknowledge men, too, can be victims) can be pushed beyond their limits in violent and controlling situations. This story is about such a situation. Although it occurred 30 years ago, the emotions it evokes are still raw and timeless.

5. Empathy: A Poem by Susan Frybort
Power, beauty, truth. This poem touches my heart and resonates as truth within and without.

6. Deceit by A.B.
Cheating is a three-way street, and seldom do we hear the side of the “other woman.” Truthteller A.B. had a relationship with a married man for several years before calling it quits. Like it or not, it is her truth, and many women can relate.

7. Finding Peace After Loss by Nancy Holiman
When a loved one passes on, the pain we feel can be paralyzing. When that loved one is a child, there is nothing that compares to the loss. Truthteller Nancy Holiman understands that pain all too well. She shares her experience, and how she found peace, in this beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes.

8. An Open Letter to My Rapist by Mariann Martland
According to the National Institute of Justice & Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 1 in 6 of us are victims of either attempted rape or rape in the United States alone. That’s 17.7 million American women. If you are one of these women, you are not alone. Truthteller Mariann Martland bravely shares her story, and I encourage more women to speak up and take back your power. It is yours, and only yours to give away.

9. Take Back the Night by Victoria Markham
While many American families were celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating in all their costume regalia, some families were spending the evening by grieving and remembering loved ones who have passed on. Truthteller Victoria Markham, whose son Koa was killed in a tragic accident, once again moved me to tears with this beautiful tribute dedicated to bereaved parents everywhere.

10. Moms Final Words by Deborah Weed
The wounds inflicted between mothers and daughters cause some of the deepest pains many women face. In this beautiful piece, Truthteller Deborah Weed shares the final moments with her mother that gave her the gift of understanding and the ability to finally heal her wounds.

If you haven’t yet become a Truthteller, now is the time! Share your wisdom and grow with us. We can’t wait to read your stories in 2016 and walk this beautiful journey with you.

Make life happen!

The Wf1 Team

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