Vicky’s Little Story

My name is Vicky. I’m a 40-year-old single mother from Greece, and I’d like to share my story with you.

Architecture was always a childhood dream. When the time came, I failed to pass all the exams and enter university. Consequently, I realized that the specific exam system didn’t suit me; therefore, I changed my destination.

I decided to visit Luxembourg in order to check any possibilities to work within the European Union, but first I had to learn French! So, I took five hours of French in the morning, and in the evening I was a part-time cashier at a burger house. It took me eight months to travel, and when I did it, I realized that it was not for me. I missed a lot the Greek sunshine and my family. I was 20 by then.

After my Luxembourg experience, I had big fights with my parents. They were worried about my future. I continued working as a full-time cashier in order for me to be independent. After investigating my academic opportunities, I decided to study at University of La Verne Athens Campus. It was an American university extremely expensive for my parents and by Greek standards! It was then, when I asked them to pay for my school, that I was committed to pay them with my work.

After eight to nine hours of work, I was changing my clothes and I was walking up to the university building to attend my courses. After two years and several jobs, I got my first “real” job. I was hired as a sales back-office girl in a big multinational company: Pernod Ricard Hellas. I was up 6 o’clock every morning, at my office at 7:30, and at university from evening until night, every single day except Friday. After a year of hard work, the board of directors proposed that I build and take over a new department in the company: Credit Control. What a challenge, and I was only 23! I carried on the hard work and the university courses, and after two years, a new proposal came up. I took on project management, and it was a experience!

One year before I resigned, I was Business Development Manager, and the company was paying my university tuition. I was 27 when I met my husband. I fell in love deeply and I had to decide either to stay in Athens and follow a career, or to resign and follow my heart and my husband—driving four hours from Athens. After two years, I became the mother of a sweet boy. It took me two more years to leave from the city and return back home.

My husband and I divorced, and I had to return to my parents’ house. I had little money and no job. In 2008, the economic crisis had just begun in Greece. I sent out a couple of resumes, but there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, I had an idea. I created an ironing and delivery company in Athens. I borrowed money from my family; I got loans from the banks in order to make my dream company come true! And guess what? I did it! After three years of living with my son in my childhood bedroom, we managed to rent a small house.

I was working well even during crisis years. Of course, it was hard and I had to overcome many, many obstacles. Together with my company of ten people, I was appointed CEO of another small company. Later on, I studied to become a business and life coach. Another big step.

Now, I still run my business and I’m Chief Empowerment Officer at Resilience& Greece, as well as Country Manager and partner. Lately, I’m working on a project based on women’s empowerment, and I have found what is going to be my job for the upcoming years!

I want to share my power and energy with other women, so that they can see with their eyes an example of how to adapt to changes and be a fighter in life. I’m a human, mother, woman, entrepreneur, professional, and much more. I really enjoy each and every moment, and I take life as a challenge. Of course, sometimes I’m blue, but most of the time I smile and I follow the light! Inside me and outside me. I continually search for the light in others, too! And believe me, bright one, there is light!

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About the Author | Vicky Klimi

Vicky Klimi is a 40-year-old single mother and businesswoman who believes in miracles. Miracles that happen inside us! She follows the light, even the dark days, and the light becomes brighter after darkness. She is working on her next dream project—women's empowerment—and she is confident that it’s going to change the lives of many women beginning with her life!

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6 comments to "Vicky’s Little Story"

  • Fizza Abid

    A very inspirational and positive story :) thank you so much for writing this! so realistic and boosting!

  • ASMA

    Really inspirational story , the only thing we cannot overcome the pain or struggle you faced alone. It is really appreciable that ones should not fall and loose hope.

    Best wishes for more and more beautiful events to be happen in your life.


    MS. Asma

  • Annette

    This inspired me very much. You showed that if one is resilient and determined to not give up no matter if the tunnel seems blocked ~ you will WIN! The key is to fight for survival. Your ministry has truly developed out of your misery…

  • Tiru

    Very Inspiring..

  • Iraklis Poursanidis

    The difference between a winner and loser, is that a winner picks himself up one more time than she falls.
    And you are a winner!

  • zahir

    Great effort to actualize self.