What I’ve Learned Today…

There is a legion of grace that injects a peaceful sobriety into one’s spirit, pacifying even the strongest trepidations and, as life phases change, we do also.

In my younger days, my source was horses. I idolized their distinct perfume, the soothing slide of my hand over their smooth veined coat, and the essence shared within hearts that only this once-young girl and her horses could comprehend.

In the faded era of my youth, my recollections were continually braided with the heartbeat of the equine soul. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I dream of those times again and I can visit that space once more.

Each of us redefines our personal source as we change and grow. I admired the little girl I once was. She represented a fine chapter of my lifespan. I adored her innocence and truth, her dreams and values, her honesty and playful charm.

Life changes can take us to new places, dissipating who we were like autumn morning fog. Permeating wafts of gentle raw nature fulfill who I am now, a locket of where I acquire the harmonic freedom in the remoteness of this wilderness where I have devoted four months annually for many years. Within this stillness I have found my ground of higher power where a culmination of instinctive peace engulfs my essence. Here there is no need to shed predictability; I am only to merely meet self expectancies and personal devotions.

I love this place where silent currents of appreciation and simplicity funnel through veins of contentment, propelled intensely by each heartbeat. Here, the lushness of my chi blossoms in shades of tenderness and serenity.

For many years, as this escalated deep within, I mistakenly believed I could only find this tranquillity in the wilderness. As time has passed, I have now recognized that this is who I am – not a place where I go. This is not the only place to retrieve this calm, but a place I choose to practice while here. I have learned that this is a part of me, not defined by one place, but within who I am. And knowing this, I choose to take all chapters with me – unseparated by experiences and undissected by measured time.

The little girl with her horses and all of the rest of myselves that have educated, grown with and shared lessons are each part of who I am today. I am gifted in life. I live with gratitude. I am in love.

Vickie Brickshaw

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Vickie Brickshaw is happily enrolled in a master's program, earning her doctorate in metaphysical science. She is an intuitive medium, and her passion is writing. She enjoys sharing her thoughts, and reading those of others. She believes Women For One is an outstanding forum for interesting and uplifting content.

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