The Summation of Life in a Million Little Choices

Each small choice.
A stone, or a flower.
Creating the story of a life.

To turn toward, or to turn away.
A direction taken with a single step.
Building a lifetime of experience.

Returning a look with a smile or a frown.
A life of love or aloneness.
Hinging up a split-second decision.

Each choice a building block.
No one a magnanimous event.
So small as to seem insignificant in impact
Collectively, the summation of a life.

About the Author | Karen Tuttle

Karen Tuttle is neither speaker nor writer. She is not famous and does not hold multiple degrees from a university. What Karen represents is the average woman (being that she is one). She is a woman continually looking to expand her understanding of a complicated world while retaining an authentic self while holding a professional career and raising a family. Karen is one voice among many.

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