My Art-Filled Journey

In life, everyone has their own share of challenges and struggles. Mine might be different from yours, but I believe we as women share so much in common; we all know how to hold our heads up high in the hard times and that’s what makes us beautiful.

I felt like sharing my story here with you today. I am Andleeb, Twenty-four years old. An ordinary girl from Pakistan. In my childhood I was an average student, but I always had big dreams. When I was in high school, I was very bad at maths but good at painting. I would fail in maths, but my teachers would ask my mom to make sure I study art when I grow up.

Later, I was dropped out of the school in grade nine because, according to them, I was not able to pass the board exam. I was admitted into another school. I worked hard and not only passed the board exams but also topped in my college, as well. After that, I tried to get admission into the top art college in my country but couldn’t make it, so I decided to do a degree in psychology and pursue art on my own.

I chose a four-year degree program in 2013 that ended in February 2017. In all this time, I never gave up on art and I continued painting. However, I had a rough time studying something that was not interesting enough for me and I was constantly regretting my decision. Still, I got a chance to exhibit my paintings at my university in the last semester. That was the best day in my entire four-year journey. Now my paintings get published in a youth magazine in my country’s leading newspaper.

I have exhibited my work in two different art galleries. I still have big dreams and I plan to choose art over everything else from now. Because art is my superpower and I wish to do wonders through it.


A few of Andleeb’s pieces are showcased below:

My art-filled journey Andleeb Tariq My art-filled journey Andleeb Tariq My art-filled journey Andleeb Tariq My art-filled journey Andleeb Tariq
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About the Author | Andleeb Tariq

Andleeb is a self-taught artist from Pakistan. She is 24 years old and has a degree in clinical psychology.

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  • Raja anam tanveer

    Wish u best of luck in every step of your life,stay happy and keep it up.
    I am always here to support you and I will ask my family n friends to like your page.