Spending Your Last 5€ in Greece!

Spending your last 5€ in Greece? Someone could find it strange and others, funny. How can it be possible for someone to have only 5€ in his/her pocket and live in Greece?

Well, I assume that some have lived this strange situation at some point in their lives, despite my belief that in 2017, people, especially in Europe, have to be able to survive with their everyday expenses. I’m talking about people who had a decent life before and now they owe money even to the rocks (as we used to say in Greece).

Imagine being one of those persons. You had a good life, a house, a car, a good job, but today you have your last 5€ in your pocket. You are walking on the street thinking of how you are going to spend the money. You cannot pay any bills, your rent, or anything else. Only 5€! Just imagine.

I’m pretty sure that while walking down the street, you are going to have a flashback to other periods of your life. Remember the school years, the university years, the first times in your new job. All these feelings will pop up and a little smile will appear on your sad face. After all these thoughts, you are ready to interrogate yourself about your decisions: Have I taken the right ones? Did I have the maturity to make other decisions? What were the circumstances? For some questions, you’ll have confidence; for others, doubt will arise. In the end, you will have a conclusion about the last 5€ situation.

And now what? You have no job, no life. You are just at the base of the pyramid, struggling every day. What about your dreams? What about your thoughts and strategic thinking after finishing university? Remember the day you graduated. The day you decided to get married. The day that you embraced your son or your daughter for the first time.

You have your last 5€ in your pocket, and you have to decide where to spend it.

You are thinking about going abroad and finding a job. Any kind of job that could give to you and your family the opportunity to live, because with 500 or 600€ per month, you cannot even pay your rent and electricity.

You can move to your parents’ house. That might be a solution, but it is not for you. You lived a good life. You don’t deserve to downgrade. No!

I remember a day like this myself.

Just know: This 5€ is your strength. This 5€ is your inspiration. This 5€ can make you fly and reach the top of the mountains. Don’t wait for anything from anyone. You have the power, and you are the power!

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About the Author | Vicky Klimi

Vicky Klimi is a 40-year-old single mother and businesswoman who believes in miracles. Miracles that happen inside us! She follows the light, even the dark days, and the light becomes brighter after darkness. She is working on her next dream project—women's empowerment—and she is confident that it’s going to change the lives of many women beginning with her life!

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