The Clarity Course: How to Handle Doubt, Get Unstuck, and Live Your Purpose

“It might sound crazy, but I feel like there’s something MORE that I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I really need to get clear on it!”

Maybe you’ve said this to yourself before. So many of us feel this deep desire for clarity…but then we get sidetracked. There’s always another email and another meeting at work; there’s always another load of laundry and stack of dishes at home.

But still, this nagging voice won’t leave us alone. “This is your life,” it says. “This is it. You’re here. What will you make of it?”

Most people operate in one of two ways. Either they’re in sleepwalker mode, just going through the motions of daily life…or they’re wide awake, present, and purposeful.

Either they’re settling for the status quo, or they’re deliberately creating the life they want.

Which one will you choose? Which person will you be?


If you chose the latter, you cannot afford to miss The Clarity Course. It’s a brand-new interview series designed to help you handle doubt, get unstuck, and live your purpose.

Women For One Founder Kelly McNelis is one of 30 speakers in this series; fellow experts include an Olympic Gold medalist, two TED speakers, and a dazzling musician who shares stages with Michelle Obama.

The show starts Monday, October 15; attend this high-caliber online event for free using this link.



In an age of overwhelming confusion, clarity is rarer than ever. But enough already with, “I don’t know.” Life is too short to stay stuck there.

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About the Author | Caroline McGraw

Caroline Garnet McGraw is an author, TEDx speaker, and coach for recovering perfectionists. She's the creator of A Wish Come Clear, a community of thousands trading perfectionism for possibility.

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