What I Think About Monthly Periods

I see it as a blessing that was
meant for us to have and for
us to be. But you see, within
each month it comes dressed
like a wave, as a surprise when
it runs down your cold thighs
unexpectedly. But you
knew it was coming somehow,
because of the warning signs
it already has shown you:
the back pain that comes quite
often, the nausea, the vomiting, and oh,
did I mention the non-stop cravings?
The red dots that appear on your
face, that end up on your
neck, swollen breasts
that become so heavy?
about periods is phenomenal.
I see them as a gift ’cause without them
we wouldn’t be the fearless
women we are today,,,
’cause we are strong, reliant, and
we are a force of nature.
We are phenomenal women.
Yes, we are.

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